In Simon's AV performance sound is treated as paint on an invisible temporal canvas; the composition process involves the creation of cross-modal rhythms and patterns between the audio and the video; the cross-modal composition is always improvised during the performances.


Research on the inner working of the cognitive systems informs Simon's work, the sounds are dealt with as real time flow of textures. Sounds are blended together in multilayered soundscapes and a live feedback from a microphone allows exploration of the acoustical space. Field recordings and sounds generated through digital synthesizers which have a particular physical and tactile presence are used to explore subjective synaesthetic associations by improvisation and intuitive artistic gesture. Space is seen as container of energy fields and resonating modes and the synesthetic percept as the direct percept-knowledge of the continuum and the direct awareness of reality.


For Simon, "kinematic" movement in the visual field could be seen as a temporal wave pattern within the processes of cognition and as possible Chladni patterns of the brain, the morphogenetic fields and the polychromatic organism inspire and expand these views.


For Simon "the transversal" is the creative gesture that intuitively crosses fields of thoughts, morphing meaning into another mediums, domains, or time-scale. Simon work is introspective, looking at synesthesia as a tool producing perceptual sensory-based knowledge and a projection of inner cognitive processes. Transduction between fields is intended as mediated by computer and expressed through AV technologies.


Simon looks at nature and the perceived environment as the source of wave patterns of activity, informed by the ongoing research in the fields of neuroscience, mind and consciousness, he intends to follow the ongoing process of transformations that leads to other fields and new discoveries.


Simon's influences includes the futurist Luigi Russolo's "Art of Noise", Jacques Attali's "Noise: The Political Economy of Music", Umberto Eco's "Opera Aperta", Marshall McLuhan's "The Medium is the Massage".